Boca Chica
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Boca Chica


Director: Gabriella A. Moses
Elenco: Jean Cruz, Lia Chapman, Xiomara Rodriguez, Richarson Díaz, Scarlet Camilo
Año: 2023
Duración: 97
Género: Drama
País: República Dominicana


Viernes 03 de Mayo 2024

09:35 PM Fine Arts Cinema café at Novo-centro

Domingo 05 de Mayo 2024

09:20 PM Fine Arts Cinema café at Novo-centro

07:00 PM Cinemacentro Cibao, Santiago

Lunes 06 de Mayo

06:40 PM Fine Arts Cinema café at Novo-centro

Miercoles 07 de Mayo 2024

06:40 PM Fine Arts Cinema café at Novo-centro


Desi is a twelve year old girl who spends her days dreaming on the beaches of Boca Chica of becoming a famous singer. She works at the family restaurant, Restaurante Vasquez, with her aunt, Nena, and mother, Carmen.

Her dreams for her future are threatened by the ever looming presence of child prostitution in her town. She begins to open her eyes when she realizes her childhood friend from choir, Luz, has stopped coming to practice and goes out late at night scantily clad. She tries to distract herself from these looming realities with her love for music. A love that is heightened by her gift of synesthesia. Her older brother, Fran, is a musician in NY, but has his
own secrets just like her town. He lies about his success abroad and is instead a delivery man struggling to make ends meet.

He is convinced to return from his new life in New York to attend their cousin's, Elvis, wedding in part due to him hitting rock bottom and also to his desire to his sister, Desi, again. He is immediately faced with the secrets of his sexuality, his past love for his cousin, Elvis, and the reality that he might be his sister's only hope to escape her fate and achieve her dreams. Dreams that were born out of a family lie surrounding their relation to a legendary merengue artist, Luciano Vasquez. Desi is still ignorant to this lie and many others find strength in her finding her own voice to overcome the haters in town and live in her own truth all whilst the lies and secrets of her family come caving in.

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